About Us

Pierce Point Laser

Pierce Point Laser is a laser engraving company founded in 2003 in Westbrook, Maine. Sixteen years later the corporation has grown to include two more companies, North Meadow Croquet and Lake Region Awards. Our offices and the shipping department for all companies is at 31 Green Street in Norway, Maine. Pierce Point Laser is a manufacturing and retail company that offers a variety of laser engraving services from a one piece personalized item to thousands of pieces production runs.

We engrave wood species ranging from ash to zebra wood and anything in between. We also engrave other materials such as acrylic, anodized aluminum, glass, granite, leather, marble, plastics and slate.

North Meadow Croquet

The North Meadow Croquet Co. was formed by its parent company Pierce Point Laser of Oxford, Maine in March of 2008. Having created the personalized croquet market several years ago, Pierce Point Laser has long recognized the importance of offering the consumer a quality built croquet set Made in the USA.

Lake Region Awards

TheMaineStore.com manufactures custom products for Police and Fire Departments as well as Ham Radio Operators, Organizations, Companies and individuals. We are located in Norway, Maine, which is situated in the beautiful western mountains of the state. We welcome you to visit our showroom and manufacturing facility located on Route 26. We also welcome your requests for custom products featuring our full color process.